By Odetola Abiola Olamilekan


Alhaji Arowora Musiliu Ayinla, Born 73years ago in Abeokuta, started selling newspapers in 1962, in Abeokuta.
Survived by Four Children, Alhaji Arowora, was not just a model for his children but he helped groom many other children by providing an avenue for knowledge and education, a dream that kept him in the newspaper vendor business.
The meagre income from such business is enough prove to many that Alhaji was not really driven by the profit making motive only but to keep people informed about things going on around them and thus filling a social void in the society.
There is hardly anyone who has knack for knowledge and regular information that would feign not to know him, especially if such person is based in Abeokuta and it’s environ. He has his newspapers vendor shop strategically located at the high brow Oke Ilewo( now Opposite Sweet Sensation and Adjacent OPIC Building, in Oke ilewo) , where he had operated for more than 30 years. Since he started Newspaper vendor-ship about four decades ago, He served most Governors and Top notch politicians and technocrats and the general public with a heart of love and utmost dedication to duties. Alhaji was remarkably friendly and generous fellow with uncanny disposition for enhancing the lives of upcoming young men and news thirsty individuals who throng his shop to catch up with goings on and skim through employment advertisements.

Many got choice jobs that significantly changed their lives for good. He immensely contributed to human capital development in the State, for which he was variously awarded by the Ogun NUJ as well as the NIPR, among other notable institutions.

Regretfully, Alhaji Arowora took his exit from this mother earth few days ago. Even in his long indisposition he still took time to love and share. I significantly benefited from his large heart as a budding journalist. In some climes, a man like Arowora would be immortalised as a motivation for others to live for good. “For Arowora, it’s good night and your writings will remain indelible in the hearts of those that your life touched, including me!” wrote Mr Tope Adaramola.
It will however interest you to know, that in sharp contrast to the expectations from the OGSG, Arowora News Stand might be on its way to extinction with the demise of Alhaji Arowora as the Government already served Arowora Olugbenga (Alhaji’s first son) who is presently managing his father’s business and legacy; the government’s plan is to use the space presently occupied by Arowora News Stand and others as a car park for the proposed Lisabi Mall.
The Ministry of information which has constantly liased with the Venture have not sent any condolence message or note to the family as at the time of putting this together.
Alhaji Arowora, was of service to our dear State, the business is as old as the State itself. He served Ogun Dwellers, after all, Albeit Einstein posited that “only a life lived in the service of others, is worth living”. Most of the celebrated politicians that are still celebrated posthumously, arguably did not truly serve or impact the people as Arowora News Stand have done in the last four(4) decades, his offence obviously was not been a member of the political class or wealthy class.
To Ogun State, Arowora News Stand have tremendous influence and gave unquantifiable impact and a story that fit that of a HERO, even if it’s unsung.