Ogun 2019: Collectivism is better than hostility

By Olusola Ojekunle


As preparation towards 2019 Governorship elections gather momentum. I have taken a cursory look at notes coming from some writers in Ogun state purportedly querying the origin of Sen. Adeola. The incessant query has demonstrated a practical ignorance, mischief, and hatred for the gentleman. These notes are far from objectivity but vindictive.

Yayi’s critics does not query his antecedence or capability of any kind. Even when clarifications have been made about his true ancestral lineage and origin, “merchant-journalists” who could not provide a version of their own origin story of has resulted to jabs, name calling, and PULL-HIM- DOWN campaign at all cost.

Yayi’s aspiration in Ogun state should be a welcome idea and be supported by all if we truly crave for a better life, and in the spirit of equity, justice, and fairness in the gateway state. He is an honest, trustworthy man with a midas touch.

To me, Yayi is sacrificing a lot by leaving certainty for uncertainty. The gentleman has a grater possibility of emerging the Governor of Lagos than Ogun state. At the moment, in Lagos, his ascending political profile has no match.

If the principle of rotation, equity and fairness is employed in Lagos, after the incumbent, Lagos West is rightfully positioned to produce the next Governor and there is seemingly no other person with successive election landmark than Sen. Adeola (I stand to be corrected).

Yayi’s decision to leave the juiciest Lagos, sacrificing his Lagos political structure, popularity and all the fore deals attached to front Ogun West liberation and dedicate his “all” in realising a better deal for Ogun state people should be commended as against castigation so far demonstrated by the few.

Despite some hostilities, the man has remain calm and portrayed the attribute of “Omoluabi”. He has been reaching out to many stakeholders for peace, togetherness and collectivity. The recent influx into his political camp is a true testimony.

Hostility is not the answer but collectivism if Ogun West must get it right in 2019. There should be no more cacophony of slander against Yayi or any other Ogun West aspirant.

“He that God blesses, no man can curse.”