OPINION – Top Five Hiphop Lyricist In Nigeria Right Now

By Djicemob:

Don’t get too worked up about the list,its my personal opinion and verdict as we all have our various preference and views towards these things.This is not a list of the greatest Nigerian rappers or lyricist of all time or richest or even the most popular,it simply focus on recent times and appearance based on true lyricism and hip-hop acclaim of the 2014/2015 year mark.

Finding a rapper to occupy the number 5spot wasn’t a smooth ride,as a matter of fact it was even easier picking a no1 than the number 5 on this list.Reasons? OK! A lot of rappers kept running through my mind,poe,tec,loose kaynon,sinzu,falz etc but i had to settle for the duo of chyn and mojeed as i couldn’t pick either of the two,plus the simple reason i pick the two is not far from the fact that these two MCs have not been seriously compromised into the Nigerian cliche of gban gban di di(commercial junkz) and they have been keeping it real to a reasonable extent so far.Hey! Don’t get me wrong,Tec is good but he is easily out-shined by his SDC colleague-Ghost,falz is a commercialized hip-hop artiste in my opinion,and i have not really heard from poe lately.If you have not heard about these duo i suggest you hit google and you would not be disappointed.

He is one half of the SDC duo but stands out as the lyrical power house of the group,his metaphors,punchlines,wordplay and story telling is quite remarkable,he literally killed a track on jesse jagz royal niger company album,a track titled the case.Ghost have been killing joints right before and after the jesse jagz album so you shouldn’t be surprised ghost made the list.



He could easily make number one on the list but for the fact that his presence has not been felt deep in the Nigerian industry is a factor working against this talented lyricist,he is been slept on for too long in the industry that anytime his name is mentioned you might be almost forced to think he is a new comer.I guess his management needs to work harder or better still he should seek a better label to maximize his talent.

This man right here is king and he has proven it times and times without number,he has been compared with the greatest-talking about MI and even modenine himself,heck! He has been arguably rated above these nuccas in some quarters,only history would judge that so lets leave it at the middle.Vec was off the scene and he is back to take what is rightly his and he is not even joking about it,first of releasing a dope mix tape (A7) and then going further to release the monster hit(Kingkong) with several remixes and covers to its credit and then going even more further to cement his legacy as the rap king by breaking his own previously set record for rapping a lengthy 2hrs plus against his previous 1hr 30mins in one nonstop.He is good like that.Nuff said. #Respect

1.Jesse JagzJesse-Jagz1
He left chocolate city,released two albums and became Naija’s only true lyricist in the absence of the chairman MI,Vec and modenine,he took his only golden opportunity to get up there which is really impressive considering the fact that not not everybody could achieve that even with the backing of a strong record label,Jagz went on to improve his game,established his own record label and restored sanity to Rap as we have never seen.He did not only create a movement with his new sound,he created a nation on the strength of his two volume albums-Thy nations come which tilted towards the reggae/hip-hop sound we love to love and the volume 2(The royal Nigeria company) which was for core hip-hop fans,sealing the deal of his status as number one on any rap list reviewing the 2014/2015 year period.No long stories,jesse jagz is the greatest for now,just maybe when MI finally drops his illegal music 3 mix-tape or when modo bounces back or when vector keeps the pace the way he is going we might be forced to think differently but for now i am forced to say its Jagz or nothing,no record has matched his royal Nigeria company till this moment.Sadly jagz nation is no more but legacy of the work under the nation lives.

God bless ya’ll for reading.