Why do single ladies date married men?

It was momentary. That was what she felt – being loved, having someone who sees only you, you connect on levels that seem
to be out of this world, good laugh, great moments, lots of love and care, limited arguments, understanding, adventurous,
mature, great sex…then she jolts back to reality – he has a wife, children, and commitments…. that is the single woman
dating a married man.

It’s been around a long time now – single ladies dating married men and vice versa – you wonder, why the preference for a
married man? But asking ladies to stay away from men who are already taken may not be practical for most women; you can’t
help who you fall in love with, right?

You may have wondered why a beautiful young, presumably intelligent girl will leave a trail of young and energetic men
running after her to pitch her tent with a married man, someone she is fully aware belongs to someone else. The reasons
aren’t far fetched. For a society that has cultures, traditions and religions that permit polygamy and the popular reason
that married men come with very many endearing qualities every woman wants, on the list are maturity, care, money,
limited/no commitments, experience – since they already have wives at home, it isn’t strange.

Likewise, most married men who begin romantic affairs with single ladies aren’t looking to leave their families, they just
want to have fun! Many married couples get caught up in the fast lane of day to day life and gradually lose the
excitement in their marriage. So they are drawn to single ladies because the these ladies have everything their partner
doesn’t – thrill, libido-driven passion and romantic interludes. They love the fact that they have no serious commitments
or responsibilities to these ladies.

Unfortunately a good number of these men would never leave their wives, he spends time with you, and then goes home to
play Daddy. He loves his kids and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s emotionally painful, especially for the set of
ladies who want something more and believe they will, but after a while it becomes really clear that’s just wishful
thinking. Yes, he has feelings for you in the heat of the moment, but he is most likely not going to – except he is the
polygamous type and wants the woman as a second wife.

Some women maintain double relationships, whereby they date a married man and keep their relationships with younger
bachelors because they feel more comfortable dating married men than bachelors since they don’t have to deal with the
whole relationship drama – they are free and aren’t answerable to anyone.

That been said, is it wrong for women to expect much from married men? Are single ladies and married men alike getting the
best of both worlds? What’s your opinion about dating married men?